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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours of operartion?

A: We are Open 7 days a week from 9:00 AM-6:55 PM

Q: Where is your Medical Marijuana Grown?

A: Most of our Cannabis is produced in-house, however occassionally we will purchase from other MMC's to provide a variety to our customers

Q: What does it take to become a member?

A: In order to become a member you must designate us as your Primary Medical Marijuana Center.  It is very simple we have all of the paperwork necessary, just ask.

Q: What areas do you serve ?

A: Our medical marijuana dispensary serves Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne, Copper Mountain, Keystone and Summit County.

Q; What do you sell?

A:  Our dispensary sells premium medical marijuana, hash, hash oil, edibles, tinctures, custom glass, Twirling Hippy, Love's Oven, Sweetstone Candies, Wana Rolls,  confections and more.

Q:  How are you different from other Breckenridge dispensaries?

A:  We have a larger selection, better quality and much better prices than any dispensary in Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Frisco, Keystone or Dillon.

Q:  Is there a dispensary at Keystone?

A:  No.  The folks at the Keystone and Copper Mountain resorts have said no to dispensaries for the moment.  Until they change their minds, your best bet is to come to our Breckenridge dispensary.



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